TMV’s Essentials – Episode 296 (2018-02-12)

1. heart to heart by brutal disco
2. slowly by dj friction and ground control, tansy davis
3. doing the funk by c da afro
4. boka funk by mitiko
5. l.f.l by me and the gang
6. just as long as you no by queen disco
7. truckin (vs keeping the engine running edit) by matt coving tone
8. lets fall in love (vs together forever edit) by limited
9. hustlin by dj friction and ground control, tansy davis
10. put a little love on me (pete le freq refreq) by delegation
11. still on the case by ks french
12. at no cost (vs precious edit) by a and s
13. this kinda lovin by brutal disco
14. the situation by paolo bardelli, sharon may linn
15. gotta do it by brass destruction
16. sexy lady by fabiolous barker
17. in the streets by c da afro
18. high steppin by ministry of funk
19. disco juice (pagany philly suite) by soul city groovers, pagany
20. stomp by dj s
21. disco lovin by dr packer
22. let the music (original vocal mix) by house bros
23. ass off by me and the gang
24. just because) you’ll be mine (shep pettibone extended club version) (2017 – remaster by instant funk

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